Web Application Development

The approach to the term application development has changed since last some years since the applications has been migrated from traditional Client / Server based application to internet based application. With internet growing so fast and mobility being a key factor in any business. Internet has changed the way the applications are developed in this new era.

With the changing technology and flexible client demand team Concept Mesame has also mastered its tools and method to adapt new technology and new scripting language which enables us to satisfy our offshore development partners flexible needs.

The advantage of technologies such as ASP, PHP, JSP, .NET and Cold Fusion etc allow us to convert business processes and legacy application into web enable applications. With application developed based on internet technologies our offshore development partners can get following advantages which can satisfy all aspects of their end user clients.

Benefits of Web based application development.

Mesame, an offshore Outsourcing Web Development Company has experienced web developer team who specializes in advanced web application development technologies, eCommerce development solutions, Ajax programming, custom web application development, Script Installation and Modifications, b2b portal development, b2c portal development, OScommerce web development, asp.net, php web development, php programming, php outsourcing and many other rich web application development services.

1) Secure and centralized data storage : Since internet is involved the data is stored on an internet server from which several departments and remote agents of any company can share that data from their web browser and internet connection. We can implement various level of security based on clients demand and requirement ensuring that only those person can access data who actually require them and have access to them.

2)Low maintenance cost : Since the data is stored on an internet server and shared by the end users. Only the server hosting that data needs to be updated as compared to all client nodes were to be updated in traditional client / server technology. This enables easy and fast maintenance and reduced downtime.

3) Low hardware and technology cost : Since web enabled applications are hosted on an internet server. You only need to pay only for the basic hosting cost and get advantages of high end servers and technologies. Means resources can be shared by multiple applications.

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