Offshore Instant Talent Service

Talent Outsourcing Services / Temporary Staffing

In today’s fluctuating business environment it becomes utmost essential for the organizations to expand and contract its workforce based on the current business needs and projects in hand. Consequently the staffing augmentation requirements becomes little uncertain where workforce is needed at times but not always or it become surplus after business restructuring or on project completion. To handle such unpredictable staffing needs, world over organizations are moving towards having a flexible manpower models (“Just-in time” hiring & deployment).

The organizations are switching over to the services firms, like Mesame, for hiring people on their rolls and contracting them out to the organization for specific work and period.

Mesame offers qualified and experienced consultants in broad range of technologies to meet customer’s short-term temporary or project specific requirements. Our pool of experts execute projects under client’s leadership and management and help meet their project deadlines in a timely manner. Such manpower will be on our rolls for the period specified by the client and we will manage their payroll and other HR related activities. Hence, the client organization can have the flexibility to utilize, deploy manpower for their temporary staffing needs.

Advantages of Talent Outsourcing / Temporary Staffing

Allows the organization a flexibility to add or remove the workforce easily & quickly, to swap resources if there is a ‘bad fitment’ for any reason, then going through the hiring & firing cycle.

Allows the organization to minimize the risk of permanent employment and the associated permanent cost.

Allows the organization to deploy their key internal resources on managing their core organizational issues whereas the employment issues, concerns and statutory requirements are handled by Mesame.

Hire your Dedicated Professional today

Hire Web Developers Dedicated to your project – the control of in-house staff with the financial advantages of off-shore development.


Our PHP programmers / developers / webmasters have a 3-4 years university IT education with a minimum of 3+ years of experience. If needed we will hire you more experienced Professionals depending on your requirement

Team of Dedicated Web Developers has expertise in:

* E-commerce shopping cart
* Database management
* Project management and Security
* Portal Management
* Customization of open source applications
* Proficient in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, VBScript, XML

Benefits of Dedicated Web Developers:

The dedicated team works no less than your own in-house on-site staff that clearly understands your business requirements and translates them into desired results as per your needs.

* Cost effective compared to in-house teams
* Result oriented project delivery
* Diversified pool of skilled resources
* Proper monitoring and control through effective communication
* Abridged development time
* Updated and modern methodologies You may hire Professional individually or hire a virtual team depending on your requirements.

Our offshore Web Development Team uses either of these approaches:

* Incorporate your methodology of web development
* Deliver its own methodology backed by the specialized offshore software development experience
* Integrate both or multiple methodologies to get modern web solutions in hand

Working Hours:

We assure min 20 working day per month.


Work timings: 10:00 AM till 07.00 PM
(Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +5:30 hours)

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